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28 August 2011
At the 18th session of the UN Human Rights Council next week, the Swedish government will propose a resolution to establish an expert panel to investigate the question of human rights on the internet. If established the panel will convene at the 19th session in March 2012. “This is really fantastic news,” said Joy Liddicoat, a lawyer and head of APC’s Connect Your Rights! campaign.
14 August 2011
In the media and in public policy debates fingers were quick to point at the use of social media and mobile phones in spurring on the riots that overwhelmed several English cities last week and in helping looters evade the police.
11 August 2011
Carried out in Brazil, India, Lebanon, South Africa & USA the research looks at how the internet plays host to critical information about sex education, health, fighting sex discrimination and defining one’s own sexuality. It debunks the commonly-held view that sexuality online is just about pornography.
7 July 2011
A recent petition to the Lahore High Court has sparked concern among internet rights advocates. The petition calls on Pakistani internet service providers to filter the internet in an effort to stamp out online “smut”. APC criticises the proposal as inappropriate in a democratic society which values freedom of expression and the right to information.
16 June 2011
The recent revelation that the Syrian blogger activist “Gay Girl in Damascus” was actually “Straight American Man in Scotland” Tom MacMaster sent ripples through international media circles and left deep scars in the LGBTI community. But why is this hoax so potentially harmful? It comes down to identity and rights.
30 May 2011
APC welcomes the recent ruling of an Egyptian court that fined former president Mubarak and two of his aides $90 million for cutting internet and cell phones communications during the Egyptian revolution earlier thi
18 May 2011
The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court has just ruled in favour of a petition to filter several social networking websites including Facebook, Yahoo, MSN and Wikipedia.
4 April 2011
African countries have committed to migrating to digital broadcasting by June 2015. It will be a costly process and it is not clear who will benefit — or where the resources needed to make the transition will come from.
8 December 2010
A new report launched at the start of the UN Climate Change conference questions the assumption that information and communications technologies (ICTs) will automatically be a panacea for climate change.
28 November 2010
Take Back The Tech! partners with the Violence is Not our Culture global campaign to mark this year’s International Day on Women Human Rights Defenders and the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women (VAW) .
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