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18 January 2012
Today, APC joined dozens of sites and organisations in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect-IP Act (PIPA) by blacking out. These two bills, if passed, represent an unprecedented threat to the open internet as we know it, with impacts felt far beyond the borders of the United States.
10 January 2012
APC is pleased to announce the submission of country reports for India, Brazil, South Africa and Ecuador for the Universal Periodic Review process, which will convene at the UN in May 2012.
20 December 2011
SMS services have been suspended in the Democratic Republic of Congo, allegedly to prevent the spread of electoral related rumours.
8 December 2011
APC members and networks have highlighted internet-related human rights issues in the Universal Period Review (UPR) process — we call on others to do the same. 
8 December 2011
Launching on December 10 — Human Rights Day — the Global Information Society Watch 2011 report investigates how governments and internet and mobile phone companies are trying to restrict freedom online — and how citizens are responding to this using the very same technologies. Everyone is fa
18 November 2011
JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (APC) November 1 — APC condemns the imprisonment of Alaa Abd El-Fattah, an influential Egyptian activist and blogger and long-time APC collaborator, for his conscientious obje
4 November 2011
APC is proud to announce that Joy Liddicoat has just been elected for a two-year term to the Generic Names Supporting Organisation (GNSO) Council.
3 October 2011
The use and management of spectrum was raised repeatedly during last week’s Internet Governance Forum in Nairobi, where many development researchers saw the possibilities afforded by digital migration and TV white spaces as an exciting opportunity for bridging the access gap. At APC’s workshop dedicated to spectrum for development
29 September 2011
NAIROBI, KENYA (APC), Thursday September 29 — APC welcomes the resolution of the UN Human Rights Council – supported by over fifty countries – to establish an expert panel on human rights and the internet. This is a critical step in recognising the importance of respecting human rights online.
27 September 2011
Tuesday September 26 – Many important technical decisions about internet architecture are being made right now — decisions that will have consequences for decades. At present, policy choices are being made largely without the input of civil society and without sufficient consideration of the public good.
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