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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have come under fire for not taking online violence against women seriously according to a new report. -
Jack Linshi, United States, September 2014
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Major American tech companies regularly publish “transparency” statistics on things such as how many items they take down for copyright violations and how often the government requests user data. -
Caitlin Dewey, United States, September 2014
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APC (Association for Progressive Communications) first came to us 8 years ago – were in fact the very first workshop we had here. And if we were cheered by them then, now two visits and 8 years later, our admiration for them has only grown. -
Fybos Estate,


South Africa, October 2012
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…While modern innovations have made lives easier for millions of women worldwide, they have also led to a rise in cases of electronic violence against women or ‘eVAW’… “Violence against women is mutating because of technology,” says Cheekay Cinco of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). “The Internet has opened up private lives into new avenues of potential violence.” -
Philippines, January 2011
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APC was able to bring together a group of passionate people who shared an idea and donors like OSI, IDRC, Network the World who then further funded initiatives spawned by these human networks. What was started was another approach to development that is people-network focused. This, I believe, has been the greatest result of this work, that has been vastly under appreciated. Keep up the great work APC! -
Ian Howard,

consultant and ICT expert

Canada, June 2009
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In 2006, I was the facilitator of CATIA for Senegal, led by APC, and this really opened the way for us to initiate changes in the use of ICTs by civil society and especially by the media in Senegal. As part of CATIA, we built the capacity of journalists by training them on the political issues surrounding ICTs as well as showing them how to use ICT tools to improve their work (eg creating blogs, downloading radio programmes) -
Coura Fall,

CICEWA coordinator

Senegal, May 2009
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APC has enabled us to engage in regional/national campaigns via policy researches, public forums, and capacity-building activities. APC allows members like us to be a relevant civil society actor in many of the content areas which the Internet Rights Charter tackles. -
Alan Alegre,

Foundation for Media Alternatives

Philippines, May 2009
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It all started back in 2005, when APC provided travel support to one of the representatives from Bytes For All Pakistan to participate in the Tunis phase of World Summit on Information Society. It was such a great learning experience, providing us with the opportunity to meet and network with the APC staff and its members gathered in Tunis from all around the world. This interaction also helped build mutual trust between APC and Bytes For All, Pakistan for long term partnership. -
Shahzad Ahmad,

Bytes For All Pakistan

Pakistan, May 2009
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"I could never have anticipated how motivating and inspiring it would be to work at APC. As an organization at the forefront of research and advocacy in the ICT4D field, APC provided me with the opportunity to learn immense amounts about the relationship between ICTs, access to knowledge, and development. I was particularly struck by the way in which APC's staff and its members and partners combine relevant, action-oriented policy research with advocacy to achieve concrete results. I would strongly recommend an internship with APC to anyone interested in the field of ICTs for development." -
Natalie Brown,

IISD Intern from September 2007 to May 2008, consultant

Canada, May 2009
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