APC launches Digital security first-aid kit for human rights defenders

Montreal, Canada, 29 January 2013


APC launches Digital security first-aid kit for human rights defenders

[MONTREAL 29 January 2013] – The Association for Progressive Communications today released a new resource “Digital security first-aid kit for human rights defenders.” It is an interactive website publication available online at http://rights.apc.org/infosec

In the face of increased human rights surveillance of ever-growing online traffic and the multiplication of commercial interest in user data, APC’s Connect Your Rights! campaign is today putting out tips and tricks for human rights defenders to circumvent threats to their privacy and their information.

The kit is meant to help people working to defend human rights to act quickly to straighten-out situations in which their personal data is compromised or in which they suspect they have fallen victim to online wiretapping. Relying on eight different scenarios, information is presented to users in-need using an accessible format. The digital security first-aid kit advises on tactics such as how to access blocked websites and how to encrypt electronic mail.

Individual guides don’t give an exhaustive guidance on how to deal with particular threats. They suggest first possible actions and provide references to further resources and support groups.

The Digital security first-aid kit is a living project – New topic areas will be added to the kit in future.

“We want to be sure that this toolkit will actually help human rights activists wherever needed,” Mallory Knodel of APC says. “We are working through our network of local technology groups in more than 40 countries to achieve this,” she adds.

Connect Your Rights! – an awareness-building and advocacy campaign aimed at framing internet rights as human rights – has produced issue papers, infographics and many articles about internet rights violations. It monitors internet rights via its online platform. Please visit http://rights.apc.org

Digital security First Aid Kit
Connect Your Rights!

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