Press Releases

22 May 2019
STOCKHOLM – Democratic space online is shrinking. This is the theme of this year's Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF) taking place between 16 and 17 May, where the APC community is participating to highlight strategies to promote meaningful internet access and decrease the digital divide.
29 March 2019
STRASBOURG -  The updated EU copyright directive, which was voted on and approved in Strasbourg on Tuesday, 26 March, is considered by free speech campaigners as a “victory of the censorship machine". The vote came after large mobilisations by civil society to raise awareness of the negative impact of Article 13 (previously Article 17) of the draft directive.
12 March 2019
On International Women’s Day, APC made an oral statement at the Human Rights Council's 40th session. Within the context of shrinking of civic space online, we expressed deep concern about the online backlash against feminist voices, the extension and amplification of misogyny and discrimination and violence online.
26 January 2019
Throughout the African continent, where many APC members and partners are based, recent weeks have seen a fresh spate of internet shutdowns that have hindered public access to information and communications. Sudan, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are three of the latest countries to experience government-led restrictions on internet access. In Zimbabwe, the most recent addition to the list, constriction gave way to a total shutdown on 14 January. 
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