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In 2006, I was the facilitator of CATIA for Senegal, led by APC, and this really opened the way for us to initiate changes in the use of ICTs by civil society and especially by the media in Senegal. As part of CATIA, we built the capacity of journalists by training them on the political issues surrounding ICTs as well as showing them how to use ICT tools to improve their work (eg creating blogs, downloading radio programmes). To my big surprise, some journalists ended up creating new shows for the net and one of the journalists created an online journal ( that several years on is widely read and highly respected here in Senegal. It’s really a great source of information for anyone who’s online in Senegal to get the information they need about the internet and its existance should be a source of pride for the APC. Another story is about the TV show DEBATIC, which came into being thanks to CATIA and which talked about ICT policy. It was the first of its kind here in Senegal. It set off a dynamic that provoked changes in ICT policy elaboration in that people began to realise that ICT policies need to consider the needs of the population and integrates civil society in an in-depth reflections on ICTs for sustainable development. Everyone was talking about it and now even the authorities and regulators are aware of the issue. – Coura Fall, CATIA coordinator, Senegal (Coura is the current coordinator of the West African network of CICEWA, CATIA’s successor).

- Coura Fall, CICEWA coordinator, Senegal, May 2009

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