Cyber Forensics Expertise in India

In India we have very few Cyber Forensics Experts who can manage the growing demands of cyber forensics in India. There is a pressing need of cyber forensics capabilities and expertise in India. The leading and most prominent institution that is spreading lot of public awareness in this regard is Perry4Law. The expertise of Mr. Praveen Dalal, the Managing Partner of Perry4Law, is not only unique but also the best in the Industry in India.

Perry4Law has been providing its suggestions and recommendations to the Government of India (GOI), Department of Information Technology (DIT), Department of Science and Technology (DST), etc. The Wake up Call regarding establishing cyber forensics capabilities in India and the National Consensus Building exercise has finally shown its results. We are witnessing some good steps in this direction.

Another crucial aspect pertains to the importance of Public Initiatives in this direction especially in the direction of E-Governance in India. Perry4Law has established a Working Group on Cyber Law that would cater the growing demand for ICT Policies and Strategies in India. As far as cyber forensics is concerned, a very comprehensive and educative Portal has been dedicated to India at large. It is the only web resource that is providing a Techno-Legal Perspective of cyber forensics in India. It also contains useful tools and utilities for cyber forensics, cyber security, computer applications, etc. In short, it is a single place resource for meeting both the “legal” as well as “technical”aspects of cyber forensics not only in India but also World wide.

Any person having a problem in the field of cyber forensics may access the site and get suitable and relevant information.

Some useful resources in this regard are:

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© Perry4Law (First and Excusive Techno-Legal ICT Firm in India)-

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(e) Perry4Law’s Techno-Legal ICT Training Center (PTLITC)-

(f) Perry4Law’s Techno-Legal Base (PTLB)-,cybersecurit , etc.

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