We want you! A call for your (mobile) expertise!

APC-member SANGONeT and MobileActive.org invite you to contribute your expertise to MobileActive08 to take place from 13-15 October 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Do you have expertise in the field of mobile technologies for social development?
  • Are you a researcher working on mobile technology for social impact?
  • Are you a mobile service provider with specific products to exhibit that benefit the social market?

If so, these two organisations invite you to submit your ideas to be part of MobileActive08!

MobileActive08 is the largest event to date focused on mobile technology for social development. This global gathering brings together practitioners, researchers, technologists, and donors interested in the use and application of mobile technology for social impact. At MobileActive08 participants will explore how mobile phones are effectively used to advance civil society work, assess the current state of knowledge in the use of mobile technology to advance social development, and investigate trends, needs and investment opportunities.
The organisers invite you to submit proposals for:

1. Workshops and Skill-share Sessions (for 90 minutes) for in-depth exploration of a topic about unlocking the potential of mobile technology for social impact.
2. Short (15-min) Rotating Mini-Talks for research and project overviews.
3. A space in the SIMplace to showcase your product.
4. A space in the SIMlab where participants can test-drive your mobile application and explore it in depth.

I have an idea! How do I submit a proposal?

Please review the detailed Call for Your Expertise and then submit your ideas. We look forward to your expertise, enthusiasm, and creativity!

The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2008. More information is at MobileActive08 (http://www.mobileactive08.org).

For more information:

Katrin Verclas
Co-Founder and Editor
+ 1 413 687 9877

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