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Grants for research and campaign support – CALL OPEN

These grants can be used for research and campaign activities that are aligned with any of the strategies identified in APC’s Theory of Change.

These grants will continue to support local campaigns that contribute to members’ advocacy work and also enable members to participate in APC-wide campaigns.

For the 2018 cycle, members can apply for a grant all year round, as long as these activities are implemented within the same calendar year. This change gives members more opportunities and flexibility to apply for support for research and campaign activities. Applications must be submitted at least four weeks before the expected start of implementation. 

These grants are up to USD 5,000 and all activities must start after April 2018 and be completed by 31 December 2018.

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Grants to support the local implementation of APC’s strategic plan - 2018 call closed

These grants are for projects that contribute to the implementation of APC’s strategic priorities at the national level. At the same time, they are meant to strengthen ongoing work of APC members that is linked to APC’s strategic priorities.

In their proposals, members should demonstrate how their projects contribute to one or more key result areas in APC’s Theory of Change at the local level and specify the strategies identified for each of them. Project activities can include research, advocacy, network and movement building, capacity building and communications. All projects should integrate a gender and rights-based perspective.

Project grants for local implementation of APC’s strategic priorities are up to USD 20,000. Project implementation must be from 1 February to 31 December 2018. Please note that organisations that have been awarded project grants in 2017 cannot apply in 2018. 

NOTE: In order to prepare your proposal, you can use this document that contains all the information required in the form. For the budget, please use the budget template provided.

See what projects were supported in 2016.

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Important information to keep in mind
  • Only APC organisational members in good standing [1] can avail of APC grants.

  • Please send the complete application in English.

  • To ensure that project grants are distributed as widely as possible, only eligible members who were not recipients of project grants in 2017 can apply for the 2018 project grant cycle.

  • A maximum of one research and campaign grant will be awarded per member per year.

  • Exceptionally for 2018 campaign and research grants we are assigning a special fund for up to 3 grants in non-ODA countries (May/June 2018). Otherwise for these grants the eligibility criteria of the APC donors that support APC’s granting programme will apply. Therefore, only projects that are carried out in certain countries are eligible. See the OECD Development Assistance Committee’s list of countries that qualify for Overseas Development Assistance.

  • The evaluation and selection of successful proposals will be carried out by selection committees made up of members of the APC board of directors and staff, APC’s monitoring and evaluation consultant, and APC members who will be invited by the APC board. Members who are applying for any of the grants will not be included in the selection process, to prevent conflict of interest.

  • Applicants will be informed about the evaluation of their proposals through email.

  • Successful proposals will be published on apc.org.

For assistance with your applications, please contact grants@apc.org


1 In order to be in “good standing”, members must not owe APC any of the following: dues or other outstanding funds, contractual work paid for but not yet delivered, financial or narrative reports from activities previously supported by APC.

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