APC at the third meeting of the Working Group of Enhanced Cooperation

Publisher: APCNews     GENEVA, 24 February 2014

From 24 – 28 February various members of the APC community will be attending the third meeting of the Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation (WGEC) of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD). This is a process established by the UN General Assembly to review the Tunis Agenda, one of the main outcomes of the more than decade-long World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process, especially its provisions on enhanced cooperation. The final aim is to submit recommendations to the CSTD annual session in 2014.

Last year, WGEC distributed a survey and it’s based its recommendations on its analysis. You can see APC’s submission here:

And more information about WGEC’s questionnaire here: http://www.apc.org/en/news/speak-about-ig-issues-important-you

For more information on the meeting, including agenda and working documents:

As well as our report from the previous meeting:

If you wish to participate, remote participation is available through WebEx https://t.co/ifURBhUU0Q . Please send an email to wgec@unctad.org if you have any problems with accessing the meeting.

You can also follow the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #WGEC.

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