MDG3: Take Back the Tech! - updates from the Philippines

The MDG3 Take Back the Tech! partner in the Philippines, sent us an update on the latest developments of the project.

Small grant recipient conducted a successful RTD in ICT, VAW and sexuality

On June 22 our small grant recipient Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau conducted a very interesting round table discussion on Women’s Emerging Issues on ICT, VAW and Sexuality. They are mapping existing policies and legislative measures related to ICT, VAW and Sexuality. Around 30 participants from both government and non government organizations attended, to include the Chief of NBI Cyber Crime Unit, Staff of the Senate and Congress Commitee on Women, Dept of Social Welfare, professors from the University of the Philippines, very active women’s groups in the Philippine Women’s Movement namely:

WomanHealth, Coalition Against Trafficking and Prostitution, ARMMNet, STRAP (a Transgender group in PH), Women and Gender Institute, GALANG (an LBT group). And, also we were delighted that Chat Garcia of APC WNSP joined us, as well as Lalaine Viado and Cheekay Cinco.

TBTT learning and sharing session

To provide a venue for all of us to share lessons and reflections about the Take Back the Tech Philippines project, we have set a Learning and Sharing Session among partners in the FTX workshops, small grant project recipients, and research and advocacy work activities.

This was on Friday, 24 June 2011, UP CSWCD AVR. On this day we witnessed some of the outputs from our small grant recipients such as digital stories, short film and radio drama, a policy paper discussion, launch of a website and sharing of an SMS SOS hotline, as well as some digital stories developed during the first ever DST workshop in the Philippines.

Documenting and databasing eVAW: Developing baseline information on ICT mediated VAW, a round table discussion

Recognising the need to begin documenting cases of eVAW or ICT related/mediated VAW, FMA held its initial round table discussion among law enforcement and data collection agencies on 28 June 2011. It aimed to provide a free flowing discussion as to how each agency/organization collects data, document cases brought to them, and see how eVAW can be incorporated if possible. Representatives from National Bureau of Investigation, Philippine National Police, Philippine Commission on Women, Dept. of Social Welfare and Development, Congress and selected women’s organizations attended.

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