APC Networking and Learning Forum on Research, Advocacy and Collaboration for an Open, Fair and Sustainable Internet

08 February 2011

The “APC Action Research Network” (ARN) is a new initiative by APC funded by the International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC), with the overall goal of building and strengthening research capacity in the existing APC research community, and growing the current network of researchers that do national and regional advocacy in initiatives led by APC.

In the context of the ARN project, APC will convene a research, learning and collaboration forum, which will be held from 17-19 March, 2011 at the Amorita Resort (www.amoritaresort.com), in the Bohol Province of The Philippines.

This forum will bring together researchers from the APC community and strategic partners, who will have the opportunity of presenting results, learning about critical issues for research and action, discussing research methodologies and defining new strategies to effectively communicate research results.

The main objectives of the forum include:

i. To share knowledge among participants and to learn about critical issues for research and action;
ii. To strengthen capacities in sustainable research, advocacy for policy change, network building and strategic communication for influence;
iii. To incorporate a gender perspective in research on privacy, security, human rights and the internet policy and regulatory ecosystem;
iv. To identify collaboration opportunities and to define future activities of the network.

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