Could you be a cyber-terrorist? Avoid becoming “collateral damage”

By Pangea
Publisher: APC     Barcelona, 11 October 2010

Daniel is a photographer who lives in Europe. He works for a magazine and has recently traveled to Pakistan and the United States to illustrate an article about the architecture of mosques. When he gets home he is arrested as his internet profile (emails, chats, blogs, social networks) matches that of a cyber terrorist. Luckily he is eventually released.

This is the plot of a cartoon that shows the risks of surveillance and data retention on the internet – the “collateral damage” from the safety-first principle that the United States is enforcing. Produced by Pangea and other European organisations and available in Catalan, English, French and Czech, it is part of a broader campaign on privacy issues in the European Union that also looks at regulation at regional and national levels, aimed specifically at young people.

The dangerous consequences of a “safety first” policy on the net is illustrated by a cartoon produced by Pangea and other European human rights organisations.

Image: European Human Rights League, EDRI, Iuridicum remedium (CZ), Pangea