This section features articles that are meant to inform readers about perspectives, issues and debates around certain topics considered relevant within the ICT arena, as well as highlights about all those activities and themes that matter to the APC network and the spaces we engage in. 


A legal opinion of Communications Data Retention in the United Kingdom commissioned by Privacy International questions the legal LONDON, UK 17 October 2003 By GreenNet

Privacy International reports: "The Opinion, which relates to the EU framework directive on the retention of communications data, has ramifications for ten EU states that have implemented, or are planning to implement, measures to place communications users under blanket surveillance. The UK is in t...

APC’s Latest Annual Report: Strategic use of ICTs by civil society and engaging civil society in ICT policy JOHANNESBURG, South Africa 06 October 2003 By APCNews

The use of ICTs by civil society has been central to APC since our founding and we have been working on ICT policy issues since 2000 when APC members identified ensuring internet rights for civil society as a priority. But in 2002 we started to delve beneath the surface of the challenges our commun...

WSIS Prepcom III: The CRIS Verdict
WSIS Prepcom III: The CRIS Verdict 03 October 2003 By CRIS

After months of hard work and negotiations, the CRIS campaign can see some light at the end of a long, dark, eighteen months long WSIS tunnel. Paragraph 4 of the Draft Declaration reads: “Communication is a fundamental social process, a basic human need and the foundation of all social organisatio...

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