This section features articles that are meant to inform readers about perspectives, issues and debates around certain topics considered relevant within the ICT arena, as well as highlights about all those activities and themes that matter to the APC network and the spaces we engage in. 


APC in Latin America and the Caribbean MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay 26 March 2004 By APCNews

APC has been present in Latin America since the late 1980s when two of our founding members were technology activist groups based in Nicaragua and Brazil. Here we briefly summarise our current internet and information and communications technology (ICT) policy efforts in the region, the innovative w...

Internet to improve local government transparency and accountability in Colombia BOGOTA, Colombia 20 March 2004 By Colnodo

Transparency for Colombia and APC member Colnodo recently donated their new software “Internet for Accountability” to allow a mass take-up of the ‘good government’ tool. More than 500 municipalities will receive the software plus internet access on the signing of a transparency and anti-corr...

Positioning for second summit phase has begun
Positioning for second summit phase has begun 20 March 2004

The structure as well as the struggles for the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) summit process are slowly becoming clearer. One thing is clear: It will be more complex than the first round, as it has to deal with many more loose ends. WSIS 2003 only had to deliver t...

GESAC, SCD, FUST, XPTO … and digital inclusion?
GESAC, SCD, FUST, XPTO … and digital inclusion? 03 March 2004 By Carlos Afonso

Carlos Afonso, director of planning at RITS APC’s Brazilian member organisation outlines the digital inclusion opportunities and initiatives carried out in Brazil so far, from the successful ones to the dismal failures. According to Afonso, despite the flurry of acronyms being thrown around, B...

Update:  on the CRIS Campaign
Update: on the CRIS Campaign 24 February 2004

After the excesses of Christmas and New Year, the CRIS Campaign in their own words has been very quiet in the early part of 2004. However, the team is back with an update on the First World Forum on Communication Rights held in Geneva in December, plans for CRIS for 2004 and an invitation for local ...

Failure and Success at the WSIS: Civil Society's next moves
Failure and Success at the WSIS: Civil Society's next moves 24 February 2004

The depth of disappointment with the formal outcome of the World Summit on the Information Society cannot be fully explained by reference to the usual process of summit attrition, governments horse-trading down to the lowest common denominator.

No more back-room deals for .br (Brazil)
No more back-room deals for .br (Brazil) 19 February 2004 By APCNews

There’s a new openness since the Lula government came to power at the beginning of 2003 and began working hand-in-hand with Brazilian civil society to change the way the internet is being governed in Brazil. It’s been announced that the committee which handles all Brazilian-registered website ad...

ItrainOnline News: New modules
ItrainOnline News: New modules 10 February 2004 By APCNews

The ItrainOnline partnership has recently released nine new Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK) units on the following topics: open source software;; radio browsing; reporting on HIV/AIDS; and older and refurbished computers. All materials are available on the ItrainOnline site. Go and fi...

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