Women Weave the Web campaign launches phase 2 on digital literacy

Publisher: World Pulse     22 April 2014

Throughout phase 1 on digital access, the World Pulse community blew us away with incredible stories of women championing access to the internet and driving home the need for a free, open and universal web. World Pulse has shared their recommendations on women’s digital access at conferences and forums around the world such as RightsCon, Social Media Week and the Alliance for Affordable Internet’s Nigeria Forum.

World Pulse is now excited to announce the launch of the second phase of their campaign on digital literacy. World Pulse is crowdsourcing stories and solutions from grassroots women leaders on the importance of digital literacy: tools, resources and training for women to feel confident navigating the web. What tools would you like to have access to in order to feel more comfortable online? What challenges did you face when learning to use the web? Tell your story!

Digital literacy starts with tools, trainings and resources… and World Pulse is working with our community and our partners to bring you some great ones! Check out the Campaign resources section, where you can learn and share information on digital tools!

World Pulse would love to share your resources too! Do you have digital tools or a training that you’d like to share with our community? Visit the Campaign resources page to add your resource or discover new ones!

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We are joining World Pulse in crowdsourcing solutions to overcome the digital literacy gap for women around the world. Add your voice to the Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign today! www.worldpulse.com/campaigns/www

Participate in World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Campaign to join a global movement speaking out for women’s digital literacy. There are opportunities to be represented at international forums, get your writing and photography published, connect with grassroots women leaders, and win prizes. Join today! www.worldpulse.com/campaigns/www

There is still time to submit to win the $20,000 Lynn Syms Prize. To be eligible, join World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Campaign and share your voice on digital inclusion. Read on for prize guidelines. http://worldpulse.com/campaigns/www/www-women-weave-the-web-campaign-prizes


We are joining @WorldPulse to crowdsource solutions and bridge the #digitalliteracy gap for women! #WWWCampaign www.worldpulse.com/campaigns/www

Participate in @WorldPulse’s #WWWCampaign to join a global movement speaking out for women’s #digitalliteracy. www.worldpulse.com/campaigns/www

Do you use digital tools in your community work? There is still time to submit to win @WorldPulse’s $20,000 Prize http://worldpulse.com/campaigns/www/www-women-weave-the-web-campaign-prizes

Download the announcement in pdf format .

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