APC enters into a partnership with privacy specialists

By FD Publisher: APCNews     London,

A new online privacy and data protection consultancy firm called 80/20 Thinking is partnering with the internet rights network Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to support initiatives in developing countries that are working towards strengthening democratic processes and civil liberties.

Managing Director of 80/20 Thinking, Simon Davies, long-time privacy and consumer rights advocate, approached APC and asked whether the association would agree to manage and distribute 50% of their new company’s profits.

80/20 Thinking is a network of advisors and consultants helping organisations such as Facebook, Yahoo, and AOL to deal “proactively and ethically with the challenges they face,” the company’s website says.

80/20 Thinking provides a wide spectrum of privacy training and services, from the creation of Privacy Impact Assessments through to in-company, consulting services, risk assessments and general enrollment training courses.

“We not only have access to the best academic, technical, media and professional networks, but we provide our clients with the opportunity to engage constructively with their critics,” it continues.

The mandate of the company is to help organisations develop a robust, responsive and informed view of privacy in an age where the topic is more and more in the news.

APC has worked with some of 80/20s professionals during the United Nations initiated Internet Governance Forum in the last two years. Also, online privacy and security trainings in Asia have been conducted in collaboration.

APC’s Karen Banks has worked with Davies and Gus Hosein (senior consultant with 80/20 Thinking) since the late 1990s on internet rights and civil liberties issues. “Over time, they have become strong allies of APC. What we really value about our relationship with Simon and Gus is the informal but priceless advice they have given APC and individual APC members around issues such as privacy, surveillance, data retention, biometrics and cybercrime.”

APC will covenant 50% of ongoing profits of the newly created firm. “We believe this is an interesting opportunity for APC that offers a form of independent income that we can be used to further our internet rights agenda,” Banks said upon engaging in the partnership with APC’s board approval.

The Association for Progressive Communications puts out an Internet Rights Charter available in almost twenty languages. It is being acted upon by its fifty members who are active in almost forty countries.

Information about the 80/20 company, its work, its people and ethics, can be found here:

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