Launch of Brazil's first Observatory of Public Policies on Infoinclusion

By RITS RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, 03 December 2003

The OPPI site has been set up as a Web-based tool for monitoring, analyzing and undertaking projects and policies which contribute to infoinclusion, as well as covering other issues related to democratization of ICTs in Brazil.

The main purpose of the OPPI project is to encourage the participation of civil society organizations in the formation and implementation of public policy in this area. Through OPPI, RITS – Information Network for the Third Sector – intends to encourage and promote the reaching of agreements for advocacy and evaluation of ICT-related policies and processes, using Internet-based tools for collaborative work and information dissemination.

Also, critical analyses of infoinclusion proposals will be generated, and documents will be prepared which present the stance and perspectives of civil society organizations in Brazil with regard to the formulation and implementation of policies on ICTs.

In the site the visitor will find a wealth of resources and information about public policies on infoinclusion and ICTs, in Portuguese and Spanish. You are invited to visit and participate in Rits’ most recent project . Your opinion and suggestions are very welcome!

Author: —- (RITS)
Source: RITS
Date: 12/04/2003
Location: RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil
Category: Internet Rights – Latin America & the Caribbean