Internet to improve local government transparency and accountability in Colombia

By Colnodo BOGOTA, Colombia, 20 March 2004

Transparency for Colombia [Transparencia por Colombia] and APC member Colnodo recently donated their new software “Internet for Accountability” to allow a mass take-up of the ‘good government’ tool. More than 500 municipalities in partnership with the Vice-presidency and the national Connectivity Agenda will receive the software plus internet access on the signing of a transparency and anti-corruption agreement.

“Internet for Accountability” seeks to make public that which belongs in and to the public domain by supporting local mayor’s offices create websites which will expand the conditions of transparency in each municipality and introduce accountability practices into the management of municipal offices.

The project was developed and refined between October 2002 and December 2003 in the municipalities of Paipa, Pasto, Buga, Popayán and Rionegro, with the financial support of USAID.

The tool’s complete package includes a CD-rom and three instructional booklets. The CD contains two applications: a software package based on APC’s freely distributed software, the APC ActionApps, which allows each municipality to build and administer its own website; and a methodological guide to on municipal government accountability vis-à-vis its citizens. The booklets are written for employees at the mayor’s office who will be responsible for putting content on the website and the information systems technician who will install and administer the website.

Author: —- (Colnodo)
Source: Colnodo
Date: 03/20/2004
Location: BOGOTA, Colombia
Category: Democracy & ICTs