enREDando.org.ar was awarded the Juana Manso Prize 2006

By Nodo TAU ROSARIO, Argentina, 03 April 2006

On Wednesday March 8, an awards ceremony took place at the Municipal Bank Auditorium in the city of Rosario, Argentina. The jury – made up of several different women from the university of Rosario, the municipality and the press – decided to present the Juana Manso award to www.enredando.org.ar in the digital journalism division. "This is such a great recognistion for our team of citizen journalists" expressed Flavia Fascendini of the enREDando communication team.

The Juana Manso prize in the digital journalism division was awarded to the www.enredando.org.ar website’s electronic bulletin. The jury determined that community bulletin which is driven by a devoted team of editors at APC-member Nodo Tau, changes the approach to information and increases the visibility of alternative types of content and analysis around women. Also, it found that articles foster and give an account of different calls for action in the women’s movement, supported by various organisations of Rosario.

The enREDando portal has a gender section which is updated regularly by Gabriela De Cicco and Irene Ocampo of the Women information network of Argentina (RIMA). Although some articles refer specifically to Rosario, many also go beyond the local level and address campaigns, issues and struggles at the national level. This section has been part of the news mix since the start, in 1995.

Other prizes were awarded in the radio, television and graphic media division. An honourable mention was given to the Architect’s Gazette of the Commission of Women Architects. Their research on the “analysis of public spaces from the gender perspective” was seen as a sensible contribution to the field of architecture.

The Juana Manzo Prize annualy highlights different communication initiatives in the Rosario region of Argentina in order to foster a greater understanding of the gender perspective in media, the arts and the general community.

Author: —- (Nodo TAU)
Source: Nodo Tau
Date: 04/03/2006
Location: ROSARIO, Argentina
Category: Members