APC POOL OF WRITERS: Two job announcements, one pool

BERLIN, Germany, 04 May 2007

1. APCNEWS: Freelance writers wanted for APCNews!

APCNews in English, APCNoticias in Spanish, and APCNouvelles in French
are distributed monthly by APC — a worldwide network supporting the use
of internet and information and communication technology (ICT) for
social justice and sustainable development since 1990.

APCNews writers are:

    * Advocates, journalists, bloggers, researchers, and people with an
interest in the field of internet and ICTs for social change

    * Proficient in English, Spanish and/or French with excellent
writing skills

    * Able to report on one or more of APC’s thematic areas: ICT policy
and policy analysis, the strategic use of ICTs for social justice work,
environment and ICTs and/or gender and ICTs.

    * Applicants who have an appreciation of social activism, social
movements and/or the civil society sector

     * Based in any continent. Preference will be given to writers from
the global south.

Writers should be interested in producing in-depth analysis features,
interviews and/or short news articles on a freelance basis.

We are interested in working with writers from all continents. APC is a
virtual network and in general most of our research and interviews are
done online. The writer rarely meets the subjects of his/her work.

If you’re interested in writing for APCNews in English, French or
Spanish, please submit the following in the language you intend to write

— Your résumé

— A letter of intent which tells us about your experience and the
challenges faced by a journalist working online, your interest in
writing for APC, APC thematic areas that you are familiar with, other
languages you speak

— Three samples of writings

— Three story ideas for upcoming APCNews editions.

*If you are interested in writing in more than one language, please
submit your letter of intent in the languages applicable.

Send your application to jobs.pool@apc.org with the subject line “Pool
of writers: APCNews — Your Name” by May 15 2007.

 Applications which do not contain the information as requested or
which contain viruses will be disqualified. Only short-listed candidates
will be contacted by APC.

2. GENDERIT.ORG: Calling for writers on ICT policy and gender in Africa
and the Arab world

GenderIT.org has been cited by readers as an important, singular website
that engages with issues around gender & ICT policies.

We are building a pool of writers (in collaboration with APCNews) to
contribute on a freelance basis. The first call for writers in 2006
received many outstanding applicants, some of whom have become part of
our dynamic writing pool.

However, to keep the site relevant to diverse realities, we are now
issuing a second round of calls, specifically for writers from the
/span>Africa region and the /span>Arab-speaking world

The GenderIT.org writers are:

    * Advocates, journalists, bloggers, researchers, and people working

      in the field of gender, development and/or ICT polices;

    * Applicants who are proficient in English, with good writing skills

      and a good grasp of women’s and media and/or communication rights

      in their region;

    * Applicants should be able to offer gender/feminist analysis on ICT

      policy issues and processes;

    * Applicants are based in countries within the Africa region and/or


The issues to be covered by the writing team will be collaboratively
defined with other writers, editors and the GenderIT.org coordinator
over email and during regular on-line meetings. Payment rates will
depend on the kind of articles, issues covered and level of analysis.

We’d like to hear about your experiences in the gender and/or ICT
polices, and the priority areas of focus related to this area. Please
send a short email in English or Spanish explaining your interest in
joining us, a sample of your work (article, research or analytical
writing especially if it is related to the themes covered by
genderIT.org), and your CV to genderit@apcwomen.org with the subject
line “Pool of writers: GenderIT.org — Your Name”. Deadline is May 15, 2007.

Author: —- (APCNews)
Contact: frederic at apc.org
Source: APCNews
Date: 05/04/2007
Location: BERLIN, Germany
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