Summary page of Drupal's main features

GOA, India, 04 June 2006

Some of Drupal’s features include multi-user editing, an advocacy component, flexibility and configurability, multi-lingual support, a strong and dedicated developer community, as well as a vibrant community of users.

* Multi-user editing: For organisations with distributed facilities, Drupal has excellent support for multiple users and has an infinitely configurable permissions system.

* Advocacy: Non-profits often have a strong advocacy component. Drupal features a long list of modules dedicated to advocacy and "viral" marketing.

* Flexbility/configurability: The civic sector is often project-driven, and, projects can vary enormously from one to the next. "Drupal is the* Swiss-army knife of CMSs. Organisations only need to familiarise themselves with one tool, argues Omar.

* Its community of users: Drupal has already being adopted by quite a few major unions, political parties and global organisations. As these organisations improve Drupal to reflect their needs and values, the tool becomes increasingly relevant and attractive to other unions, political initiatives and international movements. It is a positive feedback loop.

* Multi-lingual support: These organisations are often quite international in nature. Drupal interface has long been localisable, and more recently, has seen significant improvement in its support for multi-lingual content.

* The vibrant developer community: These organisations often have very limited funds. Drupal’s large and growing developer community ensures that the organisation will benefit from improvement to the tool even without any investment. It also represents a wider selection of service providers (so, greater choice, more competition, lower prices).

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Source: APCNews
Date: 06/04/2006
Location: GOA, India
Category: Free Software