Europe says 'no' to software patents for now, campaigning CSOs glad

By Green Spider Foundation BUDAPEST, Hungary,

European parliament has reject the plan to allow software patents. Hungarian civil society organisations, including APC partner Green Spider Foundation, said they were thrilled to learn of the victory.

Robert Fidrich announced the development against software patents in Europe via a recent statement shared on the APC network.

Hungarian civil society organisation and APC member Green Spider Foundation, which has been campaigning over this issue, had earlier set up a software patents working group. Green Spider said Péter Somogyi and Arpad Magosany had done significant lobbying work against the EU Software Patent Directive, in close co-operation with other groups working on this issue.

[See an earlier article that explains the dangers of software patents, for a number of reasons, including its threat to free speech. It is at this location]

In Strasbourg, on July 6, the European Parliament decided by a large majority to reject the software patents directive. This rejection was the “logical answer” to the Commission’s refusal to restart the legislative process in February and the Council’s unwillingness to engage in any kind of dialogue with the Parliament, campaigners against the patents plan said.

Green Spider congratulated the European Parliament “on its clear ‘no’ to bad legislative proposals and procedures”. Groups like the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) have also appreciated the move.

Rejection of patents, it has been argued, provides a “breathing space for new initiatives based on all the knowledge gained during the last five years”.

Author: —- (Green Spider Foundation)
Contact: swpat[at]
Source: Green Spider Foundation
Date: 07/12/2005
Location: BUDAPEST, Hungary
Category: Campaigns

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