Wealth of information about Romanian non-government organisations goes online


CENTRAS in collaboration with the Strawberrynet Foundation has launched the "Database of NGOs in Romania", RO_NGO. This database is the result of the project entitled "Data versus information", which is implemented by CENTRAS with the assistance of a Canadian Embassy grant, in the framework of Canada Fund for Local Initiatives Program (CFLI). The experience accumulated by APC member, Strawberrynet, who created the first interactive database in Romania in the year 2000 also contributed to the creation of RO_NGO.

The database contains information collected since May 2003 on active non-governmental organisations. The contents of RO_NGO include contact information, fields of activity, beneficiaries, goals, short presentation, as well as projects implemented between 2000 and 2003. There’s also an on-line subscription form that offers anyone interested the possibility of presenting their organisation on the web instantly.

The partnership between CENTRAS and Strawberrynet provides the project more efficiency and viability. The development of the database is guaranteed by CENTRAS’ capacity of communication, the Strawberrynet’s technical expertise, combined with both organisations’ experience in the NGO sector and with the teamwork.

Additional benefits of this partnership for organisations in Romania are:

· The up-to-date information checked by CENTRAS are introduced into a modern, interactive system with a flexible and integrated structure

· This information can also be included in the beneficiary organisations’ websites. When they update data in RO_NGO, their website will be updated automatically (e.g. the contact info on the CENTRAS website: http://www.centras.ro comes from the database)

· It makes possible the development of new applications that will lead to efficient and low-cost data management

· Data can be updated with Romanian language forms, even from an internet cafe, at any time

· It is the first tri-lingual NGO database in Romania: the Romanian and English language versions have already been launched, while the Hungarian one is going to be developed by the end of the year 2003, presenting this way an example of interethnic cooperation

· The use of the already well-known address http://www.database.ngo.ro, registered by search engines and catalogues offers the organisations an immediate and prominent visibility on the Internet.

· It replaces the old interactive database administered by StrawberryNet. The contents will be imported into RO_NGO and will be accessible at the same web address.

The StrawberryNet Foundation provided the necessary technical expertise for the establishment of the on-line interface, and contributed to its development so as to it approaches the demands and needs of the potential users as much as possible. We thank the StrawberryNet Foundation for their contribution to the creation of this database and for the professionalism they proved when they became involved.

We also thank the organisations that contributed with information in order to prepare this database and those NGOs that contacted the organisations introduced later, as well as the volunteers and all those who supported this initiative.

Author: —- (CENTRAS)
Date: 02/07/2004
Location: ROMANIA
Category: Development Resources

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