Multimedia resource kit presented to radio broadcasters

By Olga Balbine
Publisher: PROTEGE QV     Yaoundé, 26 March 2008

The workshop on the presentation of the MultiMedia Resource Kit (MMRK) to the radio broadcasters was organised by PROTEGE QV under the auspices of the Commonwealth Connects Program and took place on in December 2007 in Yaoundé under the patronage of the Ministry of Communications of Cameroon.

The objective of this workshop was to present to the public, especially radio professionals, a tool which they can exploit and use in their radio programmes to bring about sustainable development to their various regions. The MMRK had to be presented to them in three different formats namely the web version for use by radio broadcasters and any other person who makes use of the internet; the CD version for use by radios which possessed at least a computer in their structure; and finally the hard cover format (text book) which could be used by radios which possessed neither an internet connection nor a computer in their structure.

The participants included chiefs of radio stations as well as about 30 journalists from all 10 regions of Cameroun.

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