Calling all readers in the USA: Survey on content filtering in public libraries

By Sex Work Awareness Publisher: APC     New York,

The Association for Progressive Communications has teamed up with Sex Work Awareness for the EroTICs Exploratory Research on Internet & Sexuality Research project, with research teams based on four continents. The study will look at content filtering systems in public libraries with internet access, with an eye towards reproductive health and sexuality.

Your job is simple. Next time you’re at the library, just check out their survey, which asks you to look up certain (SFW) sexuality and reproductive health websites, and then asks you to use a search engine to look up a small number of keywords (like condom and transsexual) to see whether or not the library’s filtering system kicks on. Just check off whether or not the library lets you find these words and then send it in. It’s easy!

Assuming the library lets you check out the site that’s all you need to do. Otherwise, you can download the survey form as a Word Document or you can e-mail

Photo: Audacia Ray

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