Allied Media Conference to feature digital, analog security solutions for activists

By APCNews     Montreal, 13 February 2014

The 16th annual Allied Media Conference calls for session proposals until 1 March 2014. APC and partners are curating a programme track on digital security and surveillance for organisers and activists.

By Alexandre Dulaunoy (Creative Commons 2.0)By Alexandre Dulaunoy (Creative Commons 2.0)
While the illicit and illegal survey by states of political activity is nothing new, what is rather novel is the unprecedented access to the communications, whereabouts and habits of every one of us who use computers and mobile devices connected to the internet.

Revelations about US/NSA surveillance have particular implications for social movements, especially poor people, communities of color and marginalised groups. We know that we need not only digital trickery, like circumvention and obfuscation, but we also must draw from the trove of analog solutions that have strengthened our communities and our movements throughout history.

For the 16th annual Allied Media Conference (AMC), held each year in Detroit, APC is working with partners based in the US to reach organisations and activists interested in the transformative potential of today’s media and technologies. Together we are organising a programming track on digital security and surveillance called “Watch This!”.

“Watch This!” is designed to bridge knowledge gaps between policy and technology on the one hand and social justice and human rights communities on the other. Additionally, we want social justice and human rights communities to discuss amongst one another their best practices and principled considerations regarding online security. Session proposals for the AMC are encouraged to explore holistic approaches to safety and security, present best practices, or provide hands-on workshops.

Interested in submitting a proposal?

There are 14 tracks, practice spaces and network gatherings at this year’s conference, presenting many ways to get involved in one of the most unique activist communities in the US. Anyone can register at the AMC website and the deadline for submission is 1 March 2014. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the AMC organising committee.

You can also support us and participating organisations by donating to “Watch This!” in bitcoin (other opportunities to be announced). Pay With Bitcoin