Job opening: Information and content facilitator for the APC Latin American and Caribbean ICT Policy Monitor

QUITO, Ecuador, 05 May 2005

Working both with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) member organizations in the region, as well as with other groups and experts in the information and communications technology (ICT) policy arena, the Content and Information Facilitator will lead the Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) ICT Policy Monitor’s website, content development and information dissemination. Currently, this is a half-time position for 6 months. Depending on the availability of funds, and outcomes of performance assessments, the contract will be extended for 1 year. This job is part of the ICT Policy Monitor project, which is a core component of the APC’s Communication and Information Policy Programme. The Content and Information Facilitator must have exemplary editorial and content skills. These skills are essential to making the LAC ICT Policy Monitor website a compelling jumping off point which reflects the ICT policy context and issues.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2005

Note: Applications are welcome from individuals and organizations. . If an organization is applying, please indicate the person taking responsibility for the work.

Details for how to reply are found below.


The candidate must:

* live in Latin America and the Caribbean

* have excellent Spanish writing, editing and reading skills. A background in journalism or editing is an advantage.

* have experience managing or writing for an automated, content-driven website.

* written fluency in English for general communications

* be familiar with ICT policy issues in the region and globally (not mandatory but desirable)

* feel very comfortable working almost exclusively in an ‘online’ environment, including a thorough knowledge of communicating via email, mailing lists, etc

Additional desirable qualities we are looking for include:

* experience developing online information resources and plain-language support materials


The Content and Information Facilitator will monitor ICT and communication national and regional policies and information. Tasks will include:


* Identify and compile resources on national, regional and global web sites and distribution lists; organize them and populate the Monitor websites (LAC Monitor and WSIS) in its different categories and sections.

* Monitor relevant news reports (on national, regional and global web sites and distribution mailing lists) and update the news section daily.

* Translate relevant news abstracts in English and Portuguese into Spanish for posting on the Monitor web sites. In some cases, translation of the full content of the news will be needed.

* Report technical status of the websites and statistics of use on a regular basis.

* Assist project coordinator in drafting summaries of news items, research reports,

policy developments in the region, among others.


* Responsibility for monthly production of the newsletter ‘Políticas TIC y derechos en internet’ (in consultation with project coordinator)

* Research

* Write/edit relevant articles including editorials

* Layout and dissemination

* Adapt articles

* Carry out translation when necessary

* Planning

* Ensure quality control

* Periodic evaluations

* Create promotion and dissemination strategy


* Administer project mailing lists

* Update the LAC Monitor section of the APC Intranet with reports and any relevant information for the APC community

* Assist project coordinator in preparing, planning and executing specific project

activities (training, workshops, conferences, research, etc.)

* Some internal report preparation (in English and Spanish)

* Occasional support to other APC projects


The Coordinator will report to APC’s LAC ICT Policy Monitor Project Coordinator, will work on a day-to-day basis with the CIPP LAC team and will interact regularly with the CIPP manager.

Most of the work will take place in online discussion spaces, email groups and mailing lists.


The remuneration for this 6 month half-time contract is negotiable depending on skills, qualifications and experience. The successful applicant is expected to provide their own computer, have easy access to an internet connection, and work on the project during normal office hours. Reimbursement for project-related internet connection costs will be covered from the project budget. While much of the project work will take place online, some travel to meetings, conferences and workshops, is expected.


Your statement of interest is important. Please send it in Spanish and English. Your CV may be included as an attachment and sent in Spanish only (or English if you wish

Please send a CV and a statement of interest that includes the following information:

* description of your interest in working with the APC on this project including your ICT policy experience and your familiarity with civil society networking in LAC

* your experience related to the requirements and tasks listed above

* where you live

* languages you speak and write

* other information you think might be of importance to our assessment of your application

* two references: names, relationship, contact details; at least one of these should be related to a project you have managed.

Please send this information via email to with the subject line: LAC ICT Policy Monitor Content and Information Facilitator Application

Deadline for applications: May 31, 2005

Any applications received with viruses will be disqualified automatically.

Author: —- (APC)
Source: APC
Date: 05/05/2005
Location: QUITO, Ecuador
Category: Internet Rights – Latin America & the Caribbean