Resources on multi-stakeholder participation in UN processes

By APC GENEVA, Switzerland, 01 April 2005

As part of our involvement in the WSIS, and our policy advocacy capacity building work at national and regional levels, APC has started to gather a list of resources on the topic. We want to thank members of the WSIS CS Plenary online space for their contributions. The list is a work in progress; do not expect it to be comprehensive. Please send additions to networking at

Resources on the background of MSP in UN processes

Definitions of multi-stakeholderism
from: Introduction to Multi-Stakeholder Processes

UN and private sector (global compact and other bi-lateral arrangements)

good summary of the ‘polarised’ nature of positions around the compact

Choike:  In
depth I Corporate accountability
(general resource site)

Global Policy Reform:
UN and Business
(general resource site)

Global Compact: Why All the Fuss?
(Peter Utting, UNRISD Publications, Jan

The two largest global development gatherings of 2002-the World Social Forum
in Porto Alegre, Brazil and the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg,
South Africa-focused considerable attention on the issue of public-private partnerships,
in particular United Nations business partnerships.

Partnership: Whose Agenda Counts?
(Peter Utting, UNRISD Publications)

This paper questions the validity of the partnership approach from the perspective
of fulfilling the

UN’s goal of promoting development and human rights for all.

at Risk: Rethinking UN-Business Partnerships
(Ann Zammit, South Centre/UNRISD
publication, 2003)

This report forms part of a broader UNRISD inquiry into the developmental and
regulatory implications of corporate social responsibility and the potential
and limits of so-called voluntary initiatives for improving the social and environmental
performance of large corporations.

Skepticism Still
Surrounds UN Partnership With Private Sector
(C. Gerald Fraser Earth Times
News Service, March 2001)

Tangled Up In Blue. Corporate
Partnerships at the United Nations
(Kenny Bruno and Joshua Karliner, CorpWatch,
September 1st, 2000)

the Corporate ICT Agenda: Intentions, Realities & Issues for Consideration

(Rafal Rohozinski ICT Advisor, RBEC-UNDP, UNDP, 2001)

Global Compact and Davos face critical NGOs
(Chakravarthi Raghavan, Geneva,
26 January 2001)

UN and multi-stakeholder participation

The Cardoso report: a set
of practical recommendations for the Secretary-General on how the UN’s
relationship with civil society, as well as with private sector and parliaments,
could be improved.

WSIS – Paving the Way
to Democratic Communication?
(only available to subscribers)

Highway Africa News Agency (Grahamstown)

UN ICT Task Force

Other resources on multi-stakeholder partnerships

Resources on multi-stakeholder partnerships can be found through the GKP

A Framework For Multi-stakeholder
Processes: A UNED Forum Project In Memory of Warren ‘Chip’ Lindner

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