Franco-Brazil civil society exchange notes

By RITS Brazil RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, 19 August 2005

When civil society from Brazil and France got together recently, they focussed on exchanging "experiences in digital solidarity". Their mid-July meet in Paris saw them also look at the possibility of cooperation in fields like Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Socialising experiences in the area of digital inclusion, discussing strategies to mobilise civil societies and defending the participation of all in the so-called information society, together with the respective national governments. These were the objectives of the workshop on "Experiences in digital solidarity in Brazil and France: paths towards possible cooperation".

It brought together public and non-governmental stakeholders during the Franco-Brazilian Forum of the Civil Society, which involved Abong (the Brazilian association of non-government organisations) and Coordination-Sud

(a coordination centre of French non-profits), which took place during the French Economic and Social Council, in Paris, on July 12-13.

The workshop was facilitated by Rits consultant Luiz Antonio Carvalho and Vecam director Frederic Sultan.

Possibilities was raised over cooperation in the area of the development of free and open source software FOSS), such as GNU/Linux, and management systems for telecentres, networks and community ventures in the fields of digital access and inclusion.

Author: —- (RITS Brazil )
Source: RITS Brazil
Date: 08/19/2005
Location: RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil
Category: Internet Access

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