FLACSO and the networking programme: Reconciling theory and practice

By Patricia Peña SANTIAGO, Chile, 11 July 2006

As an academic centre, FLACSO Chile generates knowledge and reproduces it through its alumni and graduates in different fields of political science. The networking programme falls therefore within the scope of promoting access to and ownership of information.

As a part of this institution, there are opportunities for the project that we are developing (Strengthening civil society organisation networks through information and communication technologies). In this manner it can be observed and discussed with specialists and researchers from other disciplines, which allows for different perspectives and input to promote the work being done and the implementation of the community telecentre model that we are proposing.

This has enabled the programme to access improved information networks, international contacts, research material, field studies and the sponsorship of the institution to funding sources and complementary resources. For example, we are currently preparing a social management course for civil society directors and leaders as the result of the identified need to professionalise and support the work that is being undertaken with social organisations.

During the development of this project the experience has been systematised, its components, and the implementation of the community telecentre model administrated and managed by grassroots or territorial social organisations that seek social, economic and technological sustainability. Action-research work is the means for the systemising these processes of use and appropriation of information and communication technologies. This permits the opening of lines of work and research on different issues related to developmental work: the access and use or appropriation of the benefits and opportunities that stem from the use and appropriation of these technologies by women, indigenous communities and other excluded groups.

Photo: Members of the organisations, operators and volunteer monitors have participated in seven training conferences in Santiago and Villarrica.

- Article translated from Spanish by APC.

Author: —- (Patricia Peña)
Contact: patipena flacso.cl
Source: FLACSO Chile
Date: 07/11/2006
Location: SANTIAGO, Chile
Category: Democratising Communication

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