ArabDev’s mission is to improve the livelihood of poor people in the Arab region by promoting sustainable community development through the use of information and communication technology (ICT) tools and skills that incorporate the local culture and language.

  1. Skills Development Training of unemployed youth, women and men focusing on IT, to enhance people’s skills in their local marketplace and to build the capacity of local grassroots organizations to fight poverty and social inequity.
  2. Dissemination of developmental information on a national and regional basis to provide access to useful information, share ideas and objectives across region, and allow diverse experiences and lessons learned to be known and applied by a wider group of people working for sustainable community development.
  3. Creation of linkages between NGOs, that help bridge the communication gap between grassroots organisations and promote collaboration for more successful developmental work.
  4. Supporting developmental advocacy through the use of ICT.

APC member since 2003

APC membership ended July 2015

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Accessibility,
  • Free software,
  • Gender & ICTs,
  • ICT for development,
  • ICT policy,
  • Training & ICTs


168 El-Sudan St.
12411 Giza
Tel: (202) 3046032/3/4
Fax: (202) 3046033/4

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