Human rights and ICTs

Latin America in a Glimpse: Human rights and the internet (2014)
Latin America in a Glimpse: Human rights and the internet (2014) 28 September 2014 ONG Derechos Digitales, APC and Joana Varon Ferraz

This report presents a summary of some aspects in the discussion in Latin America regarding human rights and the internet, and was specially produced to increase the understanding of the region among the international community gathered at the 2014 Internet Government Forum (IGF) in Istanbul. 17 September 2014 is a Montréal-based organisation focused on developing and helping others use open, secure and reusable systems. Their work has a focus on privacy, online security, and information management.'s goal is to create accessible technology and improve the skill set needed for defending human rights and freedoms in the digital age. The team has developed tools and services including Deflect for protecting websites from digital attacks, for ci...

GISWatch Special Report 2014 - Internet rights that went wrong in Turkey
GISWatch Special Report 2014 - Internet rights that went wrong in Turkey 01 September 2014 APC

This report presents an up-to-date assessment of internet rights in Turkey, and has been prepared to coincide with the Internet Governance Forum 2014.

Thai Netizen Network
Thai Netizen Network 04 August 2014

Thai Netizen Network is a leading non-profit organisation in Thailand that advocates for digital rights and civil liberties. Founded in December 2008, it grew out of a group of netizens who had concerns about limited internet freedom during post-coup governments. Its activities are based on five themes: 1) access to information, 2) freedom of opinion and expression, 3) privacy, 4) particip...

Internet Rights Are Human Rights training curriculum
Internet Rights Are Human Rights training curriculum 13 May 2013

As a part of our “‘Internet rights are human rights’: Monitoring and defending freedom of expression and association on the internet” project, APC has developed a specialised curriculum that is concerned with the interface between human rights, ICTs and the internet, including the relationship between the international human rights regime and communication ...

Human rights most affected by the internet
Human rights most affected by the internet 01 September 2012 APC

This infographic has been developed with the support from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.        

Internet Rights Are Human Rights
Internet Rights Are Human Rights 16 November 2010

Everyone has rights, including online. APC is documenting trends, lobbying for freedom of expression and to info in international forums and training human rights activists to use the internet securely.

Cooperativa Sulá Batsú
Cooperativa Sulá Batsú 20 May 2008

Sulá Batsú is a cooperative, founded in 2005, based on solidarity economy. It aims to encourage and strengthen local development by working with organisations, social enterprises, community networks and social movements at the national, regional and global level. Sulá Batsú approaches this goal through different lines of work: digital technologies, art and culture, m...

Bytesforall Bangladesh
Bytesforall Bangladesh 06 March 2008

Bytesforall is a networked space for citizens in South Asia. It experiments, highlights and organises debate on the relevance of ICT to development activities. Bytesforall has more than 2,000 subscribers and 10 admin members who run the network. Bytesforall does not have any formal structure, yet the organisation undertakes different projects through its members' personal capacity, contrib...

Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (VOICE)
Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (VOICE) 06 March 2008

VOICE is a right based research and advocacy organisation working mainly on the issues of human rights - right to information and communication justice, privacy rights and data protection, digital rights and hygiene, freedom of expression, countering hate speech and misinformation, civic space protection, as well as around the issues of aid and development effectiveness, economic just...

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