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New report on climate change as a strategic priority for ICT4D organisations
New report on climate change as a strategic priority for ICT4D organisations 16 February 2011 Richard Heeks and Angelica Ospina

The recent literature review of information and communications technologies(ICTs), climate change and development by Angelica Ospina and Richard Heeks points to a clear role for civil society organisations at many levels of climate change response, including advocacy, information dissemination, helping local communities adapt, and providing a voice for affected people.

Africa Water Atlas
Africa Water Atlas 24 January 2011

This Atlas is a visual account of Africa’s endowment and use of water resources, revealed through 224 maps and 104 satellite images as well as some 500 graphics and hundreds of compelling photos. It gathers information about water in Africa and its role in the economy and development, health, food security, transboundary cooperation, capacity building and environmental change.Africa Water Atlas

UN Water
UN Water 24 January 2011

UN-Water is composed of representatives of 28 United Nations organizations. The website presents some examples of statistics related to water, currently incomplete and under development. The Stats section contains graphs and maps visualizing key water statistics. The Documents section contains water-related policy briefs, reports and publications. There is a section of resources for media, youn...

AguaAndes 24 January 2011

The CPWF Basin Focal Project for the Andes system of basins is working with a range of local stakeholders to develop a better understanding of the mechanisms for improving the productivity of water in the Andes. One of the key deliverables of the project is the development and deployment of the Agua-Andes web-based policy support system (PSS) combining an extensive spatial database with process...

Climate Change Policy & Practice
Climate Change Policy & Practice 05 January 2011

IISD Climate Change Policy & PracticeClimate Change Policy & Practice is a knowledge management project for international negotiations and related activities on climate change. It features original content researched and produced by the project staff: daily news reports, articles, periodic policy updates, upcoming climate change events. All news articles on Climate Change Policy & P...

Home Energy Saver
Home Energy Saver 19 December 2010

The Home Energy Saver web site (HES) is an interactive do-it-yourself home energy assessment tool, combined with extensive decision-support content. Its aims are support national initiatives to increase consumer interest in energy efficiency and to foster market activities that capture those opportunities. The site is also used periodically by students and researchers as a tool for analyzing re...

Wattbot 19 December 2010

Wattbot is an online clean energy advisor. Energy consumers can obtain customized recommendations about improving energy performance based on information they provide about their homes. Users may connect with specific clean energy service providers according to the selected recommendations, or discuss energy issues with other energy consumers. The website has a section with sophisticated visual...

Internet, technology and climate change: APC invites you to a virtual exhibition
Internet, technology and climate change: APC invites you to a virtual exhibition 17 December 2010 Kah

A new report looks at ICTs and environmental sustainability in 2010 in 53 countries, six regions and through ten expert thematic reports. We invite you to a virtual exhibition of the report. Come prepared for presentations, a chance to talk to Global Information Society Watch 2010 people behind the initiative and mingle at the virtual bar.

Special report calls for IT manufacturers to stop designing for the digital dump
Special report calls for IT manufacturers to stop designing for the digital dump 16 December 2010 Computer Aid International

In a Special Report published on 09 December, UK charity Computer Aid International calls for IT manufactures to take responsibility for the environmental cost of their products throughout their entire life-cycle. The Special Report, which is the third in a series of special reports on ICTs and the Environment, is titled “GreenICT: What producers must do”.    

MakeITfair 13 December 2010

makeITfair is a multilingual website focusing on consumer electronics industry, raising consumers’ awareness about the labour abuses and environmental problems around the world, and providing information and tools to mobilize citizen action to improve the situation. makeITfair researches companies behavior, organises meetings with companies in the electronics industry and gives them recom...

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