Access to information celebrates Document Freedom Day celebrates Document Freedom Day 26 March 2008 Grant McHerron

APC member (formally c2o / Toy Satellite) releases ten years of essays, lectures, reports and articles dealing with information communication technologies for cultural development (ICT4CD). The full list can be found at in both open and portable document formats. All the papers are available for sharing and re-publication under a Creative Commons Australia license. A global initiative celebrated by roughly 200 teams from more than 60 cou...

Communications and Information Policy in Latin America - Advocacy
Communications and Information Policy in Latin America - Advocacy 14 March 2008

  “Participation has always been the Achilles’ heel of eLAC2007”, the regional plan of action for the information society adopted by Latin American and Caribbean governments in 2005, says APC’s Latin American (LA) policy coordinator, Valeria Betancourt. In 2008, APC continues working to open up spaces for more continuous and strategic civil society participation and its proactive engagement in the implementation of the goals stated for the period 2008-2010. CIPP-LA has actively c...

Fantsuam Foundation
Fantsuam Foundation 06 March 2008

Fantsuam Foundation is a rural-based non-governmental organisation that works with local communities to fight poverty and disadvantage through integrated development programmes. Fantsuam Foundation was founded in 1996 to empower community members, particularly women, to find means of employment and income and meet their own development needs. Working in 53 communities across seven local governm...

Arid Lands Information Network
Arid Lands Information Network 06 March 2008

ALIN supports communities in East Africa to achieve food security through provision of practical and usable information on sustainable agriculture and environment using ICTs.

Bangladesh Friendship Education Society
Bangladesh Friendship Education Society 06 March 2008

Bangladesh Friendship Education Society (BFES) is a non-governmental development organisation based in Bangladesh. It was established in 1993 with a view to support education projects in rural areas. The founders work in the fields of education and development.  

Bytesforall Bangladesh
Bytesforall Bangladesh 06 March 2008

Bytesforall is a networked space for citizens in South Asia. It experiments, highlights and organises debate on the relevance of ICT to development activities. Bytesforall has more than 2,000 subscribers and 10 admin members who run the network. Bytesforall does not have any formal structure, yet the organisation undertakes different projects through its members' personal capacity, contrib...

Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (VOICE)
Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (VOICE) 06 March 2008

VOICE is a rights-based, activist organisation working mainly on the issues of food sovereignty, aid effectiveness, economic justice, and the right to information and communication, both in Bangladesh and on a global scale. By building a broader constituency of alternative voices to the "mainstream development discourse" through research and public education, VOICE is taking a stand against unj...

Japan Computer Access Network (JCA-NET)
Japan Computer Access Network (JCA-NET) 06 March 2008

Japan Computer Access Network (JCA-NET) is a Tokyo-based network that aims to empower citizen’s activities through the internet for peace, social and environmental justice and human dignity. JCA-NET provides networking tools for NGOs and social movements, working closely with AsiaLink, an Asia-wide NGO information and email network.

Open Forum of Cambodia-(former member)
Open Forum of Cambodia-(former member) 06 March 2008

The Open Forum of Cambodia (OFC) is a local non governmental organization. Their aims are providing opportunities and resources to develop skills and insights into policy questions in order to provide timely and structured contributions to decision-making in social, political, cultural, and economic in Cambodia and help Cambodians to use their capability in building a stronger civil society in ...

Colnodo 05 March 2008

Colnodo is an association of non-profit non-governmental organisations founded in 1994. Its goal is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information and experiences among Colombian social organisations at the local, national and international level through low-cost electronic networks. In pursuing this goal, Colnodo has developed programmes that place priority on issues such as human...

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