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GISWatch: An annual snapshot of the information society, 10 years running

3 December 2016 (Florencia Roveri, from Nodo TAU for APCNews)

Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) has reached its 10th edition, providing the international community with yearly reports on the state of the constantly evolving information society from the perspective of local civil society organisations and experts from all around the world.

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COP21: Can ICTs mitigate climate change?

2 December 2015 (APC for APCNews)

At APC, awareness of climate change and its relationship with information and communications technologies (ICTs) has been an integral part of our work since we were born, in 1990.

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ICTs, the Internet and Sustainability: An interview with Anriette Esterhuysen and Alan Finlay

WINNIPEG 13 November 2012 (IISD)

In and interview with Anriette Esterhuysen and Alan Finlay, David Souter of the International Institute for Sustainable Development explores the key issues around ICTs and environmental sustainability as part of a series of papers meant to inform and stimulate discussion and debate on the relationship between information and communication technologies (ICTs), the internet and sustainability.

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New materials on the environment and ICTs available in French and Spanish

6 November 2012 (Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina for APCNews)

Image par BigstockImage par BigstockNew materials from the Nexus for ICTs Climate Change and Development (NICCD) site now available in French and Spanish. Materials include guides for policy-makers and research briefs.

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Moving beyond the tool: ICTs in the Sustainable Development Discussion at Rio+20

WINNIPEG 14 August 2012 (Shawna Finnegan and Lisa Cyr for International Institute for Sustainable Development)

Though Rio has a long history with ICTs, dating back to the original Earth Summit in 1990 when APC set up “communications centres” for the UN, there was very little reflection at the summit 20 years later. APC’s Shawna Finnegan and Lisa Cyr report on their observations at the conference.

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A practical guide to sustainable IT

JOHANNESBURG 7 August 2012 (Paul Mobbs for APC)

This practical guide by Paul Mobbs offers a detailed, “hands-on” introduction to thinking about sustainable computing holistically; from make buying technology, through to the software and peripherals you use; how you store and work with information, manage your security, save power, and maintain and dispose of your old hardware, etc.

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20 years later: APC to push for a more sustainable use of ICTs in Rio

CALGARY 13 June 2012 (LC for APCNews)

As international organisations, civil society, governments and the private sector gather in Rio for the UN convention on sustainable development and the People’s summit, APC staff and members, too, will be live tweeting and reporting on the event, holding workshops and speaking on panels.

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New guide for policy makers on ICTs and climate change

MANCHESTER 17 May 2012 (Richard Heeks & Angelica Ospina (Ed) for Unversity of Manchester)

The University of Manchester has released a new guide on ICTs and climate change in developing countries that aims to help policy makers and climate change officers in their decision-making process. It outlines issues, priorities, benefits, risks, and more.

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Water-related stress and ICTs: New publication includes developing country experiences

JOHANNESBURG 8 May 2012 (Alan Finlay and Edit Adera for APC)

This new report by APC and IDRC is a collection of reports that looks at how ICTs can be used to help communities in developing countries facing water stress adapt to climate change. It draws on current experiences in the field of water management and sustainability, and brings a perspective from the ICT for development (ICT4D) sector.

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APC goes back to its roots: ICTs and the environment at the heart of APC's work

CALGARY 1 May 2012 (LC for APCNews)

As a progressive network, the environment has been at the heart of the work of many APC members, and began its work on the GreeningIT project in 2008. APC talks to Alan Finlay, project coordinator for GreeningIT, about APC’s work in the area of ICTs and the environment.

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