Initiative for an African Declaration on Internet Rights co-organised by Global Partners and APC

The Wedgwood, 75A Second Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg, South Africa, 05 February 2014

The internet is having a tremendous impact on freedom of expression and other human rights across the African continent, offering social, political and economic opportunities. But as a highly complex and fast-changing environment, the Internet also brings with it its own challenges. In Africa, many of these challenges are playing out in a unique way. We are witnessing growing threats from governments and businesses to exercise greater control of the internet, including, most recently, through extensive surveillance mechanisms. As access to the internet slowly increases across the continent, the broader African political leadership seems to either be learning or replicating international worst practices, or a mutual agreement to diminish the civic spaces through a series of national level pieces of legislation.

The meeting, organised by Global Partners Digital and APC, will explore the opportunities for an African Declaration on Internet Rights. The agenda will cover an in-depth discussion of a select number of key issues to be addressed in any declaration, for example access to the internet, and cybersecurity and surveillance; it will also cover strategies for developing an African Declaration on Internet Rights at the African Union. There will be a half day introductory training session for organisations with little or no experience working on internet issues.



Logistics Advisory
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At the end of the workshop, participants are encouraged to submit an evaluation of the workshop. A link will be shared.