Feminist Tech Exchange - Uganda

Lwangosia Archdeaconry Church Namaingo district (Eastern Uganda), 18 November 2010

Using Information and Communication (ICTs) to Combat Violence against Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda

Isis-WICCE with support from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), has organised a training on “Using Information and Communication (ICTs) to Combat Violence against Women Living with HIV/AIDS” from November 15-19,2010 at Lwangosia Archdeaconry Church in Namaingo district (Eastern Uganda).

This training is part of Association for Progressive Communication(APC) campaign “Take Back the Tech! to End violence against women and girls” in partnership with a local partner Women of Uganda Network(WOUGNET) that exposes the connections between violence against women and ICTs in practice and policy 12 countries. The objectives of this training are;

- to build and strengthen the capacity of women, girls and women’s rights organizations to use, reclaim and shape ICTs to stop violence against women and girls

- to create platforms and opportunities for women and girls to critically engage with ICTs to combat violence, and as survivors of violence, to contribute towards self and collective healing

For the five days, 18 women’s rights activists in Namaingo district will be trained and exposed to basic computer applications, internet, web2.0 applications, citizen journalism and Mobile applications for advocacy. After the training, they are expected apply ICTs to raise awareness and share information on the plight of women in Namaingo district to the rest of the world.