Connect Your Rights!: Training workshop in Central America

APC invites members of women’s rights defenders organisations in Central America to participate in the workshop on data and identity protection and security for human rights defenders. The workshop, which lasts 5 days, is organised by APC’s Women’s Network Support Program as part of its campaign “Connect your rights! Internet rights are human rights.”

The workshop will consist on intensive days for the learning of theorical and practical uses of technology to cover the need of every organisation dedicated to the defense of human rights for safe communication.

The workshop is directed to organizations of the following central american countries: Panamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. There is a limited number of grants for the travelling and stay costs in San José during the workshop.

To be considered for a grant, you must cover the following requirements:

  • basic technical knowledge on internet and social networks
  • preferently be in charge of communications in your organisation
  • be compromised to share what you learn in your organisation
  • attach an interest letter with a paragraph describing your organisation’s work regarding women’s rights.
  • attach a life sheet of the applicant

Send the request to

The deadline to recieve grants requests is Monday Oct 17, 18 hs (Costa Rica’s time) Grants will be announced on Oct 20.

The workshop is organised locally by Cooperativa Sula Batsu, member of Association for Progressive Communications.

We look forward to your interest and participation!

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