APC board and staff meeting 2008

Ithala Conference Centre - NTSHONDWE CAMP, 25 January 2008

Day by Day Schedule

31 Jan or morning of 1 Feb: Arrive Johannesburg if only attending staff meeting

1 Feb: Depart to Ithala

Executive Board and Staff meetings Feb 2nd to 4th

2 Feb: EB meeting with parallel Programme meetings

3 Feb: First session of APC action planning 2008-12 with staff and board

4 Feb: APC action planning 2008-12 with staff and board (EB and staff work together until 2pm, EB and management work from 2-3:30pm while staff work on a separate exercise, plenary discussion at 4pm)

5 Feb: EB members can return to Johannesburg for departures in the evening or morning of the next day; Rest day for staff

Programme and Management system team meetings and Skill Sharing Feb 6th – 7th

6 Feb: APC programme and management systems teams meet to fine tune action plan with a plenary session at the end of the day

7 Feb: APC strategic management team meets and staff can either depart
for Johannesburg, or remain for skill sharing sessions

8 Feb: Final departures for Johannesburg and departures for those not attending research workshop

9 -10 Feb: Research Workshop Johannesburg

11 Feb: Departures for research workshop participants

Formatted agendas

Outline of all meetings – Jan 28th-Feb 10th – draft V2
Strategic Action Plan – Feb 3-4 – draft
Meeting documents

Skills sharing ideas

*Happy hour *

Day 18:00 – 18:30 18:30 – 19:00 19:00 – 19:30 Notes
2.2. Digital stories
Jenny, Sally
3.2. Home Lands Pilot Project
4.2. IDRC connection
5.2 Digital stories
Jenny, Sally

Additional material and background reading

Meeting notes