APC's subgranting programme benefits 16 members in 2018
APC's subgranting programme benefits 16 members in 2018 28 March 2018

APC’s subgranting programme, now in its third year, has so far awarded a total of USD 291,534 to support its members in achieving APC’s vision. Seventeen member organisations were recipients of 17 grants, 14 of which are project grants of up to USD 20,000 each, while the other three are research and campaign grants of up to USD 5,000 each. This last category of grants is still open for proposals until June 2018. APC’s subgranting programme aims to enable members to contribute to changes...

Macedonians under high (cyber) surveillance
Macedonians under high (cyber) surveillance 15 August 2012 FD

The Republic of Macedonia is ranked among the poorest countries in Europe. It is isolated not only geographically, as it is landlocked, but also in the political and economic contexts. However, that is where the generalisations stop. For six years, a conservative government in Macedonia has increasingly monopolised public space: citizen participation is listless, associations curbed, journalists intimidated and researchers controlled. Alternative or critical visions of society remain on the s...

Metamorphosis Foundation
Metamorphosis Foundation 19 December 2007

Metamorphosis Foundation is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit foundation based in Skopje, Macedonia. Its main goals are the development of democracy and prosperity by promoting a knowledge-based economy and information society. The main activities of the organisation include lobbying and advocacy in order to make the social and legal environment more conducive to ICT development; educ...

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