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This section is a space where APC's staff, members and readers can open up conversations on topics that are of interest for the ICT community. It is a space where authors get to be themselves – sometimes to express opinions and challenge the readers on issues and topics that are close to them, sometimes to share their personal experience on an event or a current debate. The views expressed in this section do not necessarily reflect the views of APC or its network, but that does not make them any less valuable.

Flagrant violation of human rights 14 November 2005 APC

Under the incredulous eyes of the participants at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), journalists and human rights defenders were manhandled, insulted, and then violently beaten. APCNews reports from Tunis.

Groggy at Tunis... another view 14 November 2005 APC

The plane ride was as all plane rides become after awhile, uncomfortable and far too long. Once getting off, there were large posters everywhere advertising WSIS, especially about the IT 4 All exhibition, where the tagline — complete with pictures of multi-gendered and ‘raced’ c...

Can more afford ride to cyberspace?
Can more afford ride to cyberspace? 14 November 2005 APC

En route to the promised global village, the information superhighway is plagued by poor access and high fares that the bulk of this planet simply cannot afford. Reducing international internet costs is an important priority, underlined in a set of recommendations from the APC made to the WSIS st...

Crucial drafting session in Tunis
Crucial drafting session in Tunis 13 November 2005 APC

Late on Sunday night, November 13, 2005, an assembly of about 100 people agreed to a series of minimal points of common ground related to internet governance in Tunis. These points were then to be reported back to the general plenary of what is called the resumed PrepCom 3 meeting of the World Su...

Some figures... and hard facts
Some figures... and hard facts 13 November 2005 APC

Some figures, and hard facts, from a Highway Africa article, titled ICT4 All expo to attract 40,000 participants: “According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the 942 million people living in the world’s developed economies enjoy five times better access to fixed and...

Don't take pictures@WSIS-Tunis
Don't take pictures@WSIS-Tunis 13 November 2005 APC

Maxigas — a friend from Hungary — and myself had the opportunity to go to the Tunis City Centre last afternoon, just to have a feel of the city and get to know a little more about Tunis. The atmosphere seemed quite festive, and preparations for the WSIS are in full swing. Green plants...

Some voices... about Tunis
Some voices... about Tunis 13 November 2005 APC

How’s the world comprehending Tunis? From disinterest to unheard voices, bewilderment, hidden agendas and nationalistic positions… all these seem to be the trends emerging from the media conference on November 2005’s World Summit on the Information Society at Tunisia. More so, i...

The WSIS is _not_ in Tunis
The WSIS is _not_ in Tunis 13 November 2005 APC

Yesterday me and Shahzad had a chance to see Tunis in all its WSIS splendour. Tunis as a city has been completely appropriated by the WSIS campaign. Public spaces where people lead their daily lives are heavily marked by a campaign about an event that they have no meaningful way to experience, an...

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