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This section is a space where APC's staff, members and readers can open up conversations on topics that are of interest for the ICT community. It is a space where authors get to be themselves – sometimes to express opinions and challenge the readers on issues and topics that are close to them, sometimes to share their personal experience on an event or a current debate. The views expressed in this section do not necessarily reflect the views of APC or its network, but that does not make them any less valuable.

Human rights takes centrestage 17 November 2005 APC

Wednesday afternoon, November 17, the Tunisian Human Rights League (LTDH) invited the press and NGOs for what was to become a marathon of explicit talks challenging the Tunisian government on its human rights record. While heads of states’ speeches present at the World Summit on the Information...

Feel the difference@ICT4All Exhibition 17 November 2005 APC

There are five different sections, by themes, at the ICT4All Exhibition, but I would divide them in my own five categories. These categories are corporates, NGOs, governments, international organizations and Tunisians. A report from one far corner of the floor (literally) of the exhibition.

Roadblocks on the info superhighway
Roadblocks on the info superhighway 17 November 2005 APC

Blogger Neila Charchour Hachicha says these sites are being censured in Tunisia. We had no problem in accessing them from our part of the globe… so if you can’t get across from Tunis, you know Neila is right. * Reporters sans Frontières, * Parti Démocratique Progressiste, * human...

Snapshot: Taurai Maduna (.zw)
Snapshot: Taurai Maduna (.zw) 17 November 2005 APC

“I am not that interested in what governments came to say. They come with messages that are not negotiable. On the contrary, it is great to listen to people from the NGOs and exchange ideas with them,” said Taurai Maduna from the Zimbabwean NGO online community Kubatana, in the middle...

World Bank, Alcatel point of view....
World Bank, Alcatel point of view.... 17 November 2005 APC

infoDev and Alcatel have issued a joint report on Promoting Private Sector Investment and Innovation: Addressing the Communication Needs of the Poor which is also available here. These are billion-dollar players; they can change the face of telecom and computing, if they so choose. So, what are ...

An audible victory for human rights
An audible victory for human rights 16 November 2005 APC

It has been a crazy tiring, hectic and running-around day, so I am hoping to give a small glimpse at least before I pass out into oblivion. So, after working on this process for close to seven years, we are finally tying up the ribbons and signing on the dotted line with icing. Yes, it is WSIS II...

Guess who's on Tunis's IP black list
Guess who's on Tunis's IP black list 16 November 2005 APC

It is a well-established fact that censors in all times in history were just stupid. However, the finding that the Tunisian government feels it important to censor a Hungarian research center on avantgarde art is a surprising discovery.

Women in pink at WSIS II
Women in pink at WSIS II 16 November 2005 APC

On the first day, I was so desperate to see women at this space because of the overbearing presence of men, especially those in uniformed and are armed. When I scanned around, I saw mainly (apart from the participants) women in pink who were cleaners and usually hauled big bags of rubbish with th...

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