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This section is a space where APC's staff, members and readers can open up conversations on topics that are of interest for the ICT community. It is a space where authors get to be themselves – sometimes to express opinions and challenge the readers on issues and topics that are close to them, sometimes to share their personal experience on an event or a current debate. The views expressed in this section do not necessarily reflect the views of APC or its network, but that does not make them any less valuable.

WSIS deal... and internet rights 18 November 2005 APC

This article argues that there were at least four factors at play — the US’s “very strong hand” played well; the lack of EU commitment to change; finding a diplomatic way to leave this issue for a future fight; and the fact that the “deal may not be as great for the U.S. as the current ...

Ms 18 November 2005 APC

I was quite impressed by the many side events women participated in, on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m particulary impressed by the Tanzanian women forum held in the afternoon with a highly led delegation of women in leading ICT and government position in the country. Of particular importance ...

Latin America, Caribbean and eLAC2007
Latin America, Caribbean and eLAC2007 17 November 2005 APC

During an intense reunion the countries from the region agreed to have a temporary regional mechanism to establish the foundations for the creation of a permanent mechanism to coordinate and follow up the implementation of eLAC2007.

The same old strangers
The same old strangers 17 November 2005 APC

Why is that plain-clothes cops look the same the whole world round? Why do they cut their hair and comb it the same way? Why do they use the same black glasses and same gold chains? Why do they like those tropical shirts that in the long run become a uniform? In Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sant...

Software freedom? It's Microsoft-only
Software freedom? It's Microsoft-only 17 November 2005 APC

The official online press service of WSIS is available for Microsoft users only. The password protected photos download facility of the WSIS press centre is customized for Microsoft only. The setup of the official media-service site was done so that no software other than Internet Explorer can be...

Maroon, pink, turquoise and grey
Maroon, pink, turquoise and grey 17 November 2005 APC

There is something very special about WSIS Tunis, which we didn’t witnessed in Geneva. Yes, very special indeed… Like any other UN conference, or we can refer to WSIS Geneva too, this event is also full of colors, multi-national, multi-cultured and great mix of men, women, old men, ol...

Updated list of censored sites
Updated list of censored sites 17 November 2005 APC

This is an update on an earlier story about Tunisian websites that are currently blocked in Tunis. Please see the list below of additional sites. Once again it is not a complete list but it is a very significant one.

eRiding WSIS straight from Africa
eRiding WSIS straight from Africa 17 November 2005 APC

One of the focuses of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process has been on the cross-cutting nature of technology, and how it can act as an enabler of other development objectives. In a workshop session on eRiders at WSIS, Toni Eliasz from Ungana-Afrika today presented a "replic...

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