Reporter releases

Reporters released after five-hour detention

Reporters released after five-hour detention

Three reporters arrested yesterday by the police in Rangoon were released

after about five hours in detention.

Two local correspondents Myat Thura of the Kyodo news agency, Sint Sint

Aung of Nippon TV and May Thagyan Hein of Myanmar Dhana economic magazine,

were detained in the Aung Tha Pyay police guest house or detention camp in

Kyaikwine following their arrest by the police while they were covering a

demonstration by a group against the military junta.

The police reportedly interrogated the reporters as to how they knew about

the demonstration prior to it taking place.

Meanwhile, two demonstrators Htin Kyaw, a mechanical engineer and the

Myint Shwe are still in detention though Aye Min Win released on yesterday


About 20 people staged a demonstration against the junta in downtown

former capital demanding it solve the problems which were responsible for

the hardships of the people in their day to day life.

The statement released by the group addressed to Senior General Than Shwe

urged him to solve the problems of soaring inflation leading to rising

prices of essential commodities, children’s parents being unable to afford

education, rampant corruption and illegal gambling, the state’s apathy

towards basic health care, non-existence of human rights and lack of

freedom of speech.

Moreover, it also wished that military generals and all soldiers including

Than Shwe stay in good health and in wealth.

Although the junta allowed demonstrations against the United States and

the United Kingdom outside their embassies recently, where pro-regime

protestors accused the countries of interfering in domestic politics,

there was a crack down on yesterday’s demonstration after 30 minutes of a

silent walk from 30th street to the City Hall with protestors holding

aloft placards.

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