Partners for progress, in southern Africa

Ungana-Afrika is looking for organisations interested in eRiding in Southern Africa. Do you have what it takes?

Ungana-Afrika’s Project Coordinator (eRider) Tshepo “Sebata” Thlaku writes in from South Africa to say: “We are currently looking for organisations interested in eRiding in Southern Africa to partner with. We have made the call for collaboration below for organisations that might be interested. So we see the APC letter as a good platform us to market the call for collaboration.”

Ungana-Afrika , with the support of OSISA — the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa — is implementing a series of free workshops in the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region that help networks of non-profit organisations understand and implement new models of technology support and capacity-building.

In 2006 Ungana-Afrika will implement these ‘Incubation of ICT Capacity Building’ workshops in two different countries in Southern Africa. So, they’re looking for “pro-active local organisations” to collaborate with in this regard.

Their goal is to help networks of non-profits and individual organisations within them, with the start-up of their ICT programs, a process known as “incubation”.

Writes APC’s member from South Africa: “To date, Ungana-Afrika has hosted workshops in three different countries (South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique), two of which are starting-up technology support projects utilizing the new models introduced to them by Ungana-Afrika .”

Ungana-Afrika is a South Africa based non-profit organisation addressing the reality of today’s ´technology capacity crisis¡ by building innovative ICT programs and tools for the development community, and its service providers. They define their mission as being “to empower development oganisations to better integrate ICTs as a strategic, mission focused, tool”.

Organisations or networks interested should be operational in the civil society sector for at least two years, located in South Africa, have a good knowledge the sector, understand ICT needs in it, have capacity-building experience, be willing to work with Ungana-Afrika to organise incubuation workshop and for future projects, and be interested in eRiding. See

Partners would need to help Ungana-Afrika in distributing of invitations, help logistic arrangements and registration of patricipation, work on accomodation details where needed, and actually facilitating the workshop. Contact Tshepo Thlaku for more details on email: phone: +27 12 809 0531 fax: +27 12 349 9327.

Ungana-Afrika’s contact address is: Unit 100, 969 Disselboom Av. Wapadrand 0050, Pretoria South Africa. phone: +27 (0)12 809 0531 fax: +27 (0)12 349 9327 website: e-mail:

This group’s work has been profiled recently at Riding out, offering solutions: harnessing idealism, tech skills for development

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