Free... as in tee-shirts

Free, as in free speech… not free beer — that’s the message of those campaigning against proprietorial software. But what happens when the issue transforms into ‘free as in tee-shirts’? And, no. We’re not talking about the Ubuntu approach here — which not only offers you free CDs, but free shipping as well… if you know where to get it from.

“No Windows, No Gates, It is OPEN. No Bill, it is FREE. This is the message on a promotion tee-shirt on display at the FOFFSA (the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa) stand. We had a pretty interesting day as multitude of visitors kept coming at the stand and smiling to each other as they read the message on the tee-shirt.

However, it seems some took the message literally: ‘no windows, no gates, it is free’ and decided to help themselves with the display t-shirts.

We had just gone to launch the new French version of the APC Africa ICT Policy Monitor website, and it is on our return to the stand that we noticed that someone may have decided to vandalise the stand or someone stole the tee-shirts.


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