Feminist dialogue urges women to embrace ICTs

The women’s movement meeting at the third Feminist dialogue have recognised access to technologies as one of the strategies which they need to use to advance themselves as a movement.

The women’s movement meeting at the Bamako World Social Forum (WSF) Feminist Dialogue have recognised access to new technologies as one of the strategies, which they need to use to advance themselves as a movement.

Addressing the meeting, Togo-based Femnet board member, Opportune Santos said that there was need to strategise and use information communication technologies (ICTs) to women’s advantage in the movement.

She pointed out that ICTs could help a lot in what women are trying to achieve.

The feminist dialogue has strategiesed to train women and youth in ICTs to make things better.

Traore Oumou Toure, Coordinator of NGO Association of Mali said that Globalisation also brings competition that leads to clear divisions between the rich and poor.

Traore observed that the forum was a place where women could express themselves and that it was an opportunity to bring their ideas in if they have development strategies that are being put forward.

“We have to make sure that women’s rights raise their consciousness in the social forums and must take seriously the matter of using new technologies. We have to advance and learn new skills. No one can develop us if we do not develop ourselves,” said Traore.

She invited all the women and feminists attending the dialogue to take advantage of the new technologies.

Traore highlighted complications arising from lack of schools and access to information.

About 300 women from Africa and the world attended the feminist dialogue.