Citizens’ Participation And Political Rejuvenation In India

It seems the efforts of people like Mr.Praveen Dalal are finally appreciated and have been endorsed by one of the biggest national political party. The BJP has endorsed many of his suggestions including those pertaining to establishment of an independent body, Digital Security Agency (DSA), to be set up for cyber warfare, cyber counter-terrorism, and cyber security of national digital assets. It may also be a coincidence that we have also suggested for a national ICT policy for effective e-governance in India and sound cyber security few days back. We expect similar endorsement by other national parties like Congress so that India may have a safe and secure cyberspace.

We welcome this step of BJP that has rose up to the occasion and announced its IT Vision. We are also expecting similar concerns and political agenda from Congress so that India may become a true ICT Superpower. It would not be out of context to mentions that Perry4Law has sent many letters to government of India (GOI) regarding strong cyber law and safer cyber security. The governmental process is slower but it is picking up with the inputs of techno-legal experts.

This process could have been better if the BJP had also given a “Detailed Agenda” in this regard. For every aspect that has been included in the agenda, India would need tremendous efforts and expertise. The same cannot be achieved quickly and would require an army of techno-legal experts. We suggest both BJP and Congress must start adding techno-legal experts within their knowledge base so that the moment new government comes into power an immediate action can be taken. It would also be a good idea to capatilise the “Youth Power” in the Indian politics that is presently missing. After all young techno-legal experts like Mr. Praveen Dalal can be a great addition to any national political party for advancing and achieving its techno-legal objectives.

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