Asia ICT Policy Meet: Asia ICT Policy is Rising!

As my preparations are underway for reaching Dhaka for the APC ICT Policy Meeting, alot of FOSS activity is going around within Pakistan as well as around the globe. Its a very busy year for all of us FOSS Advocates, Journalists and Researchers. Its good to see APC’s involvement in the South Asian region and it would be great to contribute and co-ordinate APC activities in the region.

What I see from this activity is more support to Civil Society for voicing and advocating ICT policy activities in the region. What is now needed is a proper foundation for moving these activities ahead, what has been happening already is United Nations participation with Governments and that is more or less macro-economic related activity. Policies apart from affecting the overall business and economic conditions in a country should also be directed towards being micro that is, people centric at the bottom level, where that approach is missing, Civil Society plays its important role in filling that bottom level gap and creating a governance environment for maximum participation by the people themselves in the overall human development process and efforts.
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